Frequently Asked Questions:

Email all inquiries to: 

I am a political Candidate/representative for Federal, Provincial or Municipal Elections- can I come and chat with people?

The AFM has a no soliciting policy.  Electoral candidates/parties are not permitted to wander the market grounds and solicit customers.  As of 2016 the AFM has decided not to allow political parties to book spaces. 

Can I bring my dog to the market?

No, the AFM is an open food market- therefore we follow strict rules laid out by Alberta Health Services.   Think of us as a restaurant or grocery store: we are not allowed to have dogs/pets walk the aisles of the market or be close to the food products.   The AFM recognizes support animals through the Alberta Government program.  If you do not have a valid Government of Alberta ID card with your animal- you will be asked to keep your animal off the market grounds. 

Do you have an ATM on Site?

Pre 2020 we did have an ATM,  but now Due to Covid 19 we can not guarantee there will be a machine on site.   Many vendors accept debit/credit but there are still some that do not.   

How do I know when you are open?

 The AFM operates ever Wednesday Rain or Shine 3:30-7:00pm from June-Thanksgiving.   Due to the large volume of trucks and trailers that we need to park during set up times- foot traffic and purchasing is not permitted before 3:30pm

I have a business/views/ or  event I want to share with everyone?

That's great!  You are more than welcome to email us: with what you want to let people at the market know about.   We do not permit soliciting of our vendors or shoppers during market hours (this includes handing out cards, selling products and promotion).  Please see the information below.

How do I become a vendor? 


With the following details:  

- Your name & business name

- detailed product list

- what show/event you are interested in being a vendor at


*** Don't forget to send us your product list! & detailed business info!!

Can I sell food at the market?

- All food vendors are required to have a permitted kitchen and approval from Alberta Health  Services

- Food vendors are also required to carry a liability insurance policy on all food products

*note: the market has a large variety of food products, and not all new food vendors will be accepted if these items are already adequately represented on site

Can I sign up for one or two days as a vendor, or do I need to commit to the whole season?

- The cost is $45.00/day for last minute drop in.   Discounted rates are applied to full time bookings, and pre-selected dates.    This rate does not include the food truck frenzy.  

-We have drop in space available, with no commitment necessary.  Drop in vendors are still required to follow all the rules laid out in the applications, and fill out the vendor package before they come.  Please email for more info! (summer market only)

- Our Christmas Show and special events at the Town and Country center you must be able to commit to both days

How do I get an application?

- Vendor Packages are not available online.  E-mail a request with a detailed product list, and name of your business to request an application for the shows & summer market   (

What is the screening process for vendors?

- Availability is based on product mix, and demand.  Sometimes we need to turn vendors away but we do have wait lists.

Do you accept re-sellers and home party MLM business vendors?

-Yes, the Airdrie Farmers Market is a public market, but we do still follow 80/20 splits

-The AFM meets the requirements of the AGLC to provide an 'Artisan Market'  This means that there are no used goods permitted for sale,  and that the market must maintain an 80% make/bake/grow to 20% resale.   in 2019 the market averaged 85-25%   That means we had more hand made goods than we did resale!

- MLM/Home party business's are not able to pre-book dates. - Full time or drop in only.  Vendors from previous years get first refusal

Note**  Only one MLM/Home party rep per business per stall is allowed

               - if you represent more than one of these companies, you will only be permitted to choose one to showcase at the market


I Sell Jewelry and my friend sells Tupperware, can we share a table?

- No, you will need to have two different spaces, as table sharing is not permitted

  Note** you can physically share a tent, but will be responsible to pay separate fee's and fill out your own individual applications